August 21, 2014

Around The Farm in August

Despite the fairly mild temperatures throughout the northeast this summer, everything on the farm is producing nicely and thriving, including the fruit-bearing trees, the vegetables and even the animals! Please take a few minutes to take a quick tour around the farm with me and enjoy the fruit of yet another successful summer season.

August 20, 2014

My 2014 Maine Vacation, Part 2 - Planters

One of my favorite areas at my home in Maine is the outdoor terrace, where I feature beautiful antique pots and planters.  All the planters are all filled with plant material that I propagate at my greenhouse in Bedford. A trailer, filled with tropical plants from Bedford, is driven to Maine for intensive planting on Memorial Day weekend. This year I planted pots in an entirely new fashion from years before. Every pot has performed beautifully and I’m happy to share these pictures with you.

August 19, 2014

My 2014 Maine Vacation, Part 1 - Delicious Food

Every summer I try to have a wonderful week or two, uninterrupted, at my beautiful refuge in Maine. This year everything started out fantastically- great weather, a fun birthday weekend, the house filled with laughter and joy- Alexis and the babies, nannies, and Kevin in residence. Then the tragedy of my dear sister Laura’s untimely and unexpected death . We are still reeling from the loss, dealing with all of the challenges such an unexpected event creates. I returned to Maine and my family to try to continue enjoying the comforts and happiness such a place of natural beauty affords us, and this photo gallery and a few more to come, are evidence, I hope, of restoration and “dealing” with loss.