September 23, 2008

Come visit my blog studio at my home

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I thought I would take you to a pleasant and quiet area of my home in Bedford for a little tour. Welcome to my studio, which I designed in the elegantly simple and functional Shaker style. This is where I hope to set up my easel one day and return to my love of painting. In the meantime, this space is being occupied by me and my blog team, Laura Plimpton and Eliad Laskin. We love working here because it is a very calm studio-like atmosphere and there are so few distractions from the rest of the goings on at the farm.


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This is the entrance to the Blog Studio, which is a room that was once the goat shed of Cantitoe Corners. it is very different now, with a soaring ceiling, wainscoated walls and a cement floor free of manure

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