September 16, 2014

Harvesting Catnip At My Farm

Dear Readers,

You know how much I love my animals- I will do anything for them - and this includes making catnip for my beloved felines.

Catnip is a member of the mint family, it’s a perennial herb, and cats love the smell of the essential oil in it--which is in the plants stems and leaves.

It’s easy to grow, harvest, and dry -- to create the stuff cats love.  Fortunately, catnip is not addictive and completely harmless.

Enjoy the photos.


September 15, 2014

The Inspiration Behind My Kitchen Designs

Dear Readers,

Kitchen Week is finally here!  A week filled with exciting programming, sweepstakes, and special events focused on one of my favorite places in the home, the kitchen. I’ve always loved kitchens and the central role they play in our daily lives with family and friends. Over the years, I’ve designed many kitchens for my homes and have learned so much in the process. So when I was given the opportunity to design my own line of kitchens exclusively for The Home Depot, I already had years of experience and inspiration to draw from.

In the photo gallery below, see how all the kitchens in my line at The Home Depot are inspired by my personal kitchens at my homes.  In addition, watch this video, which gives you even more views of these beautiful and exciting products in my kitchen line.

Finally, don’t forget to look for our great Kitchen Week features on, Sirius XM Stars Channel 109, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and right here on my blog, all this week! Of course, as always, I look forward to reading your opinions and thoughts in the comments section.


September 12, 2014

My First Osage Orange!

Dear Readers,

As I was making my way around the farm early yesterday morning, I came upon one of my grounds crew, Chhewang Sherpa, who had just picked an Osage orange from a tree.   It was quite exciting as this was the first fruit to be harvested from one of the many Osage orange trees we have planted here.

The Osage orange is also called hedge apple, bowwood, or bodark. I just love its wonderfully wrinkly and bumpy appearance. It kind of looks like a green brain!

Osage oranges are considered inedible because of their texture and taste, but they are fun to grow, nonetheless.

Enjoy the photos!

- Martha