August 26, 2016

Dinner at Daniel

The next time you’re in New York City, and want to treat yourself to a very special and most luxurious feast, go to Daniel - you will love it.

Earlier this week, several colleagues joined me for a wonderful dinner at Daniel, the extraordinary flagship establishment owned by my friend and celebrated chef, Daniel Boulud. Daniel is one of my favorite restaurants and one of New York’s most prestigious dining destinations. The Michelin-starred Relais & Châteaux member serves award-winning, contemporary cuisine inspired by the seasons and rooted in French tradition.

At Daniel, we enjoyed many spectacular dishes that included mouth-watering canapes, fresh oysters and sea scallops, and a delectable selection of desserts. Enjoy these photos.

August 25, 2016

An August Harvest and My Newest Book

This time of year is always fun at the farm because there’s so much to harvest in the vegetable garden. I look forward to having a new supply of farm-grown produce to use in cooking and in salads.

Today, I am also bringing a lot of vegetables to our New York City offices for my next Facebook LIVE at 430pm ET. Be sure to join me - I'll be making blistered eggplant with tomatoes, olives and feta cheese from my NEW cookbook, “Martha Stewart’s Vegetables". And, I'll be giving away several copies to select followers and viewers. I am so excited about this new book - it is an indispensable resource for selecting, storing, preparing and cooking your favorite vegetables. It will be in bookstores September 6th, but you can also pre-order your copy today!

My vegetable gardens at my Bedford, New York farm are looking great. Here are photos from yesterday's harvest. Enjoy - and get your questions ready for today's Facebook LIVE!


August 24, 2016

Cooking with Chef Daniel Boulud on Facebook

I love ratatouille. It’s a great dish to make with all those late-summer vegetables - and the gardens and markets are filled with them this time of year. What’s even more exciting - making ratatouille “Daniel Boulud style” with the master chef himself!

Last week, my good friend, celebrated chef and restaurateur, Daniel Boulud, joined me in our studio kitchen for a special Facebook LIVE to make his rendition of the classic French dish. We had so much fun making ratatouille together, sharing our tips, and answering all your cooking questions.

If you missed my Facebook LIVE show, just click on “Facebook with Daniel Boulud”. Enjoy these photos. And, if you haven’t done so already, please visit Daniel Boulud’s fine restaurants - every one of them is excellent!