May 24, 2016

My Long Clematis Pergola

I love the flowering vine called clematis, and over the years, I’ve grown many varieties of this lovely plant. Soon after I bought my Bedford, New York farm, I built a long pergola along the front carriage road leading up to my home, specifically for clematis. I have clematis growing all over it - all in shades of blue. Each year, the flower display looks more and more beautiful.

On both sides of my clematis pergola, we planted lots of stunning bulbs and perennials. It is looking absolutely spectacular this season, so I thought I would share some photos - enjoy.

May 23, 2016

Planting in the New Garden

This spring, I decided to fill the area across from my long clematis pergola with beautiful Stewartia trees and lush, green shade-loving plants. Over the last several weeks, we’ve planted many different specimens including Epimediums, Syneilesis, Polygonatum, and Disporum - some of which I bought at this year’s Trade Secrets rare plant and gardening antiques sale in Sharon, Connecticut.

This garden has undergone quite a transformation - it used to be planted with rows and rows of ferns and lilies. Although it is still a work in progress, it is looking more and more amazing every day. Enjoy these photos.

May 21, 2016

Starting the Vegetable Garden on Facebook

Planting is in full swing here at the farm - have you started planting this year’s vegetables in your garden?

I hope you caught my special LIVE Facebook gardening chat earlier this week. I had so much fun sharing my tips and tricks around the garden, and answering all your wonderful questions. In this show, I demonstrated how to make perfect garden beds, what tools I always use, and the best ways to plant various crops. If you missed the show, you can still watch - just click on this link to my Facebook “gardening” chat.

We’ve had such a good response to my Facebook appearances, I also wanted to share this article from Jezebel - click here to read it.

Another article was also posted this week in the Los Angeles Times online site about my recent trip to California. Click here to read about my visit to several west-coast bakeries.

And, please share your comments - I love reading them all.