April 17, 2014

Will Winter Ever Leave Us?

After a severe and bleak winter, we were finally enjoying some spring-like weather here in the northeast.  Cheerful spring flowers were beginning to bloom and there was a fresh spring aroma in the air.  We even started to replace some of the storm windows with screens - and then it happened - winter took us by surprise and reappeared, temperatures plunged, and snow fell.  It was cold enough to cause some real damage.  This is a real shame because after waiting all winter for the cheerful blooms of spring, it's quite sad to see tulips frozen as they were just about to bloom and other flowers zapped from freezing temperatures.  Did you experience this, as well?

April 16, 2014

An Interesting Exhibit at Dienst + Dotter

Hannah Milman, our Crafts Editorial Director, would like to share the following blog.

I recently attended the book launch and gallery opening for Joseph Ari Aloi’s Sketches, Tattoos, Drawings, Paintings, and Objects at Diesnt + Dotter, an art and antique gallery in New York City specializing in Scandinavian art and antiques from Baroque to present day. Jill Diesnt, the proprietor of the gallery worked closely with Jospeh Ari Aloi to create an inspiring experience for the show including an exclusive collaboration in which Joseph painted directly on the wall of the gallery. Joseph’s distinct tattoo/graffiti style made for an interesting juxtaposition commingling with Jill’s expertly curated Scandinavian pieces. Signed copies of Joseph’s book are available at Dienst + Dotter. You can see all of Joseph’s work by clicking here.

April 15, 2014

See What's Blooming At The Farm!

Finally, after a long and drawn out winter, the snow has all melted and the early spring blooming flowers are sharing their refreshing beauty.  Here's a bit of spring color to cheer you!