April 25, 2015

New England Bonsai Gardens

Bonsai is the art of dwarfing trees and growing them in containers. It’s often been referred to as a Japanese technique; however, it actually originated from an ancient Chinese horticultural practice more than a thousand years ago.

The bonsai tree is the symbol of the Martha Stewart Center for Living. It was selected because the bonsai grows more beautiful and more valuable with age. At the Gala event I hosted earlier this week, we displayed several bonsai trees at the entrance to our clerestory. These trees were purchased from New England Bonsai Gardens in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

When we picked up our bonsai trees, we had the opportunity to tour the greenhouses and see some of the exquisite specimens.

Here are some photos from our visit.

April 24, 2015

Martha Stewart Center for Living 2015 Gala

It was such an enjoyable time at the Martha Stewart Center for Living 2015 Gala.
The other night, I hosted the event in the spacious clerestory of our executive offices at New York City’s Starrett Lehigh Building. The event was an effort to promote the Center’s mission and to encourage more discussion about its key goals. At the Martha Stewart Center for Living, we feel it is vital to advance the quality of eldercare and to reshape the public’s perception of aging.
As in past years, at every Gala our Living Award is presented to an individual 65-years young or more, who has continuously made a substantial impact on the public good. This year, the Living Award was given not just to one, but to five recipients.
There was also a silent auction of various items donated by companies, entrepreneurs, myself, and one singer-songwriter.
Here are some photos from the fun evening - enjoy them...
And, if you would like to donate to the Center for Living, please click here or go to the Mount Sinai web site philanthropy page for the Martha Stewart Center for Living.
April 23, 2015

Setting-Up for the Martha Stewart Center for Living 2015 Gala

A spectacular spring scene of pink and white was the perfect setting for the Martha Stewart Center for Living 2015 Gala. It's an event I host every year to promote the Center's mission to revolutionize eldercare and to redefine society's perception of aging.
Yesterday, the clerestory of our executive offices at the historic Starrett Lehigh Building in New York City, was transformed. The 7500-square foot open hall was set with long tables covered in pink, and embellished with vases of cherry blossoms. Heather Kirkland, who oversees many of our in-house special events, coordinated the preparations, while staff from various departments joined together to help. And, of course, Chef Pierre of PS Tailored Events, was called on to prepare the evening's menu.
Enjoy these photos of our set-up. Tomorrow, I'll share more pictures from the Gala.

I, and all of those at the Martha Stewart Center For Living, would be thrilled to accept any donations. If you would like to donate, please go to https://philanthropy.mountsinai.org/SSLPage.aspx?pid=585