February 24, 2017

A New Peacock Arrives at the Farm

My gorgeous flock of peafowl continues to expand.
As many of you know, I've grown quite fond of peafowl. I have two adult peacocks, three adult peahens, and their offspring - several fast growing peachicks. Last weekend, I added another bird to my group - a two-year old Bronze male - I shared a glimpse of him in a blog earlier this week. This new peacock came from Pedda Reddy, a very knowledgeable and passionate peafowl breeder and raiser. Pedda is also where I got my other beautiful male peacocks - a Black Shoulder Pied and a Black Shoulder Silver Pied.
This new young bird won’t be fully mature until three years of age, when he grows his first train of upper tail covert feathers. But for now, he is happy, healthy and seems to be enjoying his first week here at Cantitoe Corners. Enjoy these photos.
February 23, 2017

Cleaning the Ducts at the Farm

We’re getting a head start on spring cleaning around the farm.

One of the responsibilities of being a homeowner is to make sure all the major appliances are always in good, working order. Keeping household equipment clean and well-functioning not only extends their lives, but can actually help reduce the risk of fire.

Recently, we called in a team from The Butlers & Air Quality to service all the ductwork. According to The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, it is a good idea to have air ducts professionally examined and cleaned every three to five years - vents, and the air ducts behind them, attract dust, pet dander and a host of other particles that can affect the air quality in the home. This process can take several hours depending on the size of the structure, but it's a very important and necessary task. Here are some photos.

February 22, 2017

ULIVjava and a New Addition to the Farm

There is a lot of activity going on at my farm. 

Here in the Northeast, the last few days have been very pleasant - warm enough to get a lot of chores done. The outdoor grounds crew has been busy cleaning the woodlands in preparation for new seedlings, top dressing garden beds with mulch, and picking up any stray branches or debris left over from two recent snow storms. Over the weekend, we also welcomed a new peacock. Pedda Reddy, a passionate peafowl breeder and raiser in Dutchess County, New York, came by to drop him off and to help introduce him to the resident peacocks, peahens and peachicks - he is simply stunning.

We also celebrated the launch of ULIVjava's new "k-cups". You may recall, my longtime personal trainer, Mary Tedesco, is the co-founder of ULIVjava, a company that seeks to create and promote healthy, great-tasting, organic coffee products that are infused with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The company produces ground coffees, and now single-serve coffee pods. I joined the ULIVjava partnership after tasting the delicious drinks. The following are some images taken of the "k-cup" manufacturing process.