October 29, 2014

"One Pot" Tour Continues!

Our newest book, "One Pot," was published just last month, and I have been doing a series of book signings to promote it. Last Saturday, I was invited by the great dairy store supermarket in Norwalk, Connecticut, Stew Leonard's, to sign under a large tent right in front of the giant store--one of the most innovative and fun stores in the United States. The afternoon was such fun. Old friends showed up, families with babies and children appeared, and we all had a great time on a quintessential  autumn day.  I would like to thank the Leonard family for hosting me that day, and my friends Susan and Allyn Magrino for arranging such a lovely event.  Thanks also to Judy Morris, who sets up my out of office appearances. I hope you enjoy the day as much as I did!


The Leonard family shared these additional photographs with me from the event. Enjoy!

October 28, 2014

Hosting a Benefit Dinner for Olana

Several times during the year, I allow a fund-raiser to auction off a dinner at one of my homes for a good cause. At a gala dinner to benefit the restoration of Frederic Church’s glorious home on the Hudson River, a home called Olana, such a dinner was purchased by a neighbor, Michael Altman and his wife, Alexandria. A date was settled upon, and a dinner was planned. The Altmans wanted to bring just two friends with them and said I should invite whomever I liked. Those who attended included several Olana board members, some local friends, and some friends from New York City, including the artist, Will Cotton.

I planned an autumn menu with Pierre Schaedelin, a fine chef who has collaborated with me often (www.pstailoredevents.com). We decided on a menu that included blini with caviar and marinated salmon, a pot-au-feu, and an apple tart with apple sauce and apple sorbet. Since we are still harvesting from the gardens here at the farm, we incorporated as much as we could that was fresh and homegrown: Apple cider was turned into delicious cocktails by adding bourbon and orange slices to sugar rimmed glasses; apples were transformed into a delicious apple tart, apple sorbet and pink apple sauce; and all the fall vegetables graced the bountiful platters of boiled meats—capon, sausage, beef, and veal.

Pot-au-feu, by the way, is a traditional French dish designed to use whatever the garden and farm provide at the moment. We took just a few photos for your enjoyment. Feast your eyes!

October 27, 2014

A Gala for Hudson River Park!

Dear Readers,

If you are at all familiar with the west side of New York City, you know that an astounding transformation has taken place there over the last decade and a half.

What used to be miles of decaying piers and parking lots along the Hudson River is now Hudson River Park --a green, gorgeous, and beloved natural and recreational treasure.   Four miles long, it is the longest waterfront park in the country and attracts 17 million visits a year!

I am so proud to be on the board of Friends of Hudson River Park - an independent, nonprofit dedicated to the completion, care, and enhancement of the park, and the designated fundraising partner of the Hudson River Park Trust.

Friends of Hudson River Park held their annual gala fundraiser last week called Sweet 16 Gala.

It was a wonderful event celebrating 16 years of this incredible park!

Be sure to check out these photos, and especially the amazing 'before' and "after' ones of the park!