November 24, 2020

My Chicken Coop Project

The big chicken coop project at my Bedford, New York farm is complete.

Yesterday, I shared photos of the work that was done to replace the timeworn fence around my four chicken coops. During the same time, my own outdoor grounds crew worked very hard to make other needed repairs and adjustments - they surrounded the pen with edging stone, leveled the ground and raked the yards, put down fresh gravel, changed any uneven stone steps, installed new platforms for feed bins, and laid down new sod. I am so happy with how it looks - I think the chickens, geese and Guinea fowl like it too.

Enjoy these photos.

November 23, 2020

A New Fence for My Chickens

A big outdoor project is underway at my Bedford, New York farm.

As you may know, I have four coops that house more than 100 chickens, 17 geese, and a confusion of Guinea fowl in a large and enclosed space down by my vegetable garden. I make sure they are all fed the best, most nutritious foods, and have lots of room to roam and range happily. I also make sure their yard is as safe and as beautiful as possible. This year, I decided to spruce up the pen - replace all the fencing, level the ground surrounding each coop, add a new layer of gravel, etc. For the fence, I called on our friends from Garon Fence Co. Inc. in nearby Bedford, Hills. It took several weeks to complete, but they did an excellent job.

Here are some photos, enjoy.

November 21, 2020

Great Books that Inform and Inspire

Whether you're starting your holiday shopping this weekend or looking for an uplifting distraction from today's current events, here are some wonderful books to pick up right now!

I get a lot of books, and over the last couple of months, I've received several I know you'll enjoy - beautiful books filled with information, inspiration, and comfort. Among them, "Designing History: The Evolutionary Art & Style of the Obama White House" by Michael Smith, "Life in the Studio: Inspiration and Lessons on Creativity" by Frances Palmer, "Cooking in Marfa: Welcome, We've Been Expecting You" by Virginia Lebermann and Rocky Barnette, and photographed by my dear friend, Douglas Friedman, "Windcliff: A Story of People, Plants, and Gardens" by Dan Hinkley, and "Fruit Cake: Recipes for the Curious Baker" by Jason Schreiber. I love reading books like these - created by such talented individuals who are so passionate in what they do.

Enjoy these photos - and don't forget, my 97th book is in bookstores now - "Cake Perfection: 100+ Recipes for the Sweet Classic, from Simple to Stunning." And at the end of this blog, a surprise peek at my 98th.