April 20, 2021

Checking on My Chicks

The youngest residents at my farm are thriving.

Not long ago, I shared photos of some of my baby chickens. Since then, the young flock has grown to include another group of chicks and a sweet, friendly peachick. All of them were incubated and hatched right here at my farm. They’re now about a month to six-weeks-old and doing excellently - alert, healthy, and very curious. Soon, they will be old enough to join the others in the chicken coops.

Enjoy these photos.

April 19, 2021

A Guest Blog from Ari Katz on his Labrador Retriever Puppies

So many of you have commented on how much you enjoy seeing blog entries about my pets. I share my Bedford, New York farm with many animals - horses, a pony, donkeys, peafowl, geese, pigeons, chickens, Guinea fowl, turkeys, canaries, parakeets, cats, and of course, my four dogs - Chow Chows, Champion Empress Qin and Emperor Han, and French Bulldogs, Creme Brûlée and Bête Noire. Many of you have also seen photos of my young friend, Ari Katz's dogs. Ari is also very serious and passionate about animals. He enjoys breeding, raising, and showing champion Labrador Retrievers. Here is an update on his beautiful dogs.

Last year, I created a kennel on my family’s farm in Maryland and have started seriously breeding Labrador Retrievers. My history with the breed dates back to the age of 10 when I showed my first Labrador, Maggie. In November of 2020, I decided to breed my female, Mehndi, a dog I co-own with my friend, Karen Helmers. Mehndi was the right age and was mature enough for her first litter.

Enjoy these photos, and to learn more about my Labradors, my kennel, and my puppies, please visit www.aklabradors.com.

April 17, 2021

Trees in Early Spring

Here in the Northeast, we're expecting a mix of sun and clouds today with temperatures in the 50s. This week brought rain and even a bit of snow in some areas, but the gardens continue to transform.

It always amazes me how quickly plants and trees grow from day to day. I am constantly noticing something new blooming at my farm. And, while many of the flowers are erupting with vibrant color, we've also been taking photos of the various trees and all the precious buds just beginning to open on their branches.

Enjoy these images.