February 20, 2019

A Visit to Mike's Organic in Stamford, Connecticut

I always enjoy learning about organic farms, stands and specialty markets - it is not only fun to see what others sell, but also very inspiring to learn how these entrepreneurs select their produce and promote sustainable farming practices.

Last week, two from my Bedford, New York farm went to nearby Stamford, Connecticut to visit Mike’s Organic, a small delivery service and warehouse shop that focuses on providing healthy and delicious foods to its clients. Under the direction of founder and owner, Mike Geller, Mike’s Organic Delivery team partners with farmers, fishermen, artisans and producers, personally picks up the products and then delivers them to hundreds of customers each week. Mike’s Organic also runs a retail market, where patrons can shop for items themselves - fresh vegetables and fruits, pastured meats, wild fish, grass fed dairy, and a large variety of organic pantry staples, prepared foods, beverages and more. I've tried many of Mike's Organic offerings, and love them all. I encourage you to visit the web site - just click on any of the highlighted links - to learn more about Mike’s passionate work.

Here are some photos - enjoy.

February 19, 2019

Starting Onions from Seed for the Next Growing Season

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, patches of snow and ice still cover the ground, but inside my greenhouse there's a flurry of spring activity. I’ve spent many hours watering, trimming and cleaning, while my gardener, Ryan McCallister, has been busy repotting, and starting vegetables from seed in preparation for the coming growing season.

Starting onions from seed isn’t difficult. They can be planted closely together in seed starting trays, and because they are shallow-rooted, they can be pulled apart easily when ready for transplanting outdoors. Many of our seed trays and supplies are from Johnny’s Selected Seeds - we've been using Johnny's for years. Once planted, the onion seeds remain in the greenhouse until they’re moved to my vegetable garden. And by mid-summer, we will have lots and lots of beautiful, fat bulbs to harvest.

Enjoy these photos.

February 16, 2019

A Transformation Project at My Farm

I hope you all have a copy of my newest issue of “Living” - our March 2019 magazine is on newsstands right now!

In this issue, I talk about the completion of a transformation project at my Bedford, New York farm. For quite some time, I've wanted to expand the living space in my Winter House to create a peaceful area for writing, meeting and enjoying the beautiful views of the landscape. I decided that enclosing my large porch was the perfect solution, and worked with my architect, Keith Kroeger, to design the room. We installed sliding doors and sidelight windows by Reilly Architectural, and painted the area my signature Bedford Gray. Once the room was finished, I filled it with some of my favorite pieces and accessories, including: shades by Bruce + Hansen LLC, vintage Lloyd Loom settees with horsehair pad cushions by Luther Quintana Upholstery, an antique English desk, my Apple Macbook in their new gold color I love, desk supplies from my Martha Stewart Office collection at Staples, mirrors I brought down from Skylands, my home in Maine, rare 19th century English papier-mache chairs, and antique sconces. I also brought in my large black canary cage and my flock of Red Factor canaries from Marc Morrone, vintage plant stands and plant stands from my collection on QVC as well as various seasonal houseplants from my greenhouse. You will love the finished result - pick up the issue and take a look at how it all came together. You can also go to marthastewart.com for great ideas on how you can update or transform the rooms in your home.

Here are some photos of the transformation process - enjoy.