July 10, 2020

My Growing Pinetum

There is always so much to see around the farm this time of year - everything is looking so lush and green.

As many of you know, I am a serious and very passionate gardener, and over the years have designed many gardens around my home. One area that is constantly evolving is my pinetum - an arboretum of pine trees and other conifers. I developed mine about 13-years ago in a field behind my Equipment Barn and near my weeping willow grove. This collection has grown extremely well, and I continue to plant additional specimens every year.

Here is an update on the trees in my pinetum, enjoy.

July 9, 2020

Transforming a Room Using "The Everyday System" from California Closets

This summer is a great time to get all those home projects checked off your list.

I've been very busy during these last few months on my farm. In between all the phone calls, video conferences, media shoots, and remote appearances, I've tackled many organizing and home-improvement tasks - among them, transforming the apartment above my Carriage House where my friend and colleague, Kevin Sharkey, stays when he visits. For this project, I decided to use The Everyday System ™ from California Closets - the high-quality modular components I designed with the company. It was a perfect way to create a functional and elegant modular office space for the room. Once I selected the configuration, California Closets scheduled a professional installation using their new TouchLessService. The Everyday System is practical, stylish, and fits in with any room decor.

If you're thinking about redoing an area in your home this season, I encourage you to consider California Closets to help - just click on the highlighted links to learn more. I also decorated the unit with organizing products from my Office Collection at Staples. Here are some photos, enjoy.

July 8, 2020

Pruning My Hornbeam Hedges

It's pruning time for the hornbeams at my farm.

This week, the outdoor grounds crew trimmed the tall hornbeam hedge in front of my main greenhouse. They also tackled the long hornbeam hedge that runs from my Summer House and along the road behind my Winter House. Botanically known as Carpinus betulus, the hornbeam is a fast-growing deciduous tree. In fact, it can grow about four to five feet per year. I keep a close eye on all the hornbeams - it’s crucial to prune them regularly, so they never look too overgrown and unruly.

Enjoy these photos.