October 21, 2021

Inside My "Little" Greenhouse

Here in Bedford, New York, temperatures are just beginning to fall, so lots of work is being done to prepare all my tropical plants for the cold season ahead.

Yesterday, my gardeners tackled the plants inside what we call my "little greenhouse" - located next to my main greenhouse and just outside my flower cutting garden. Like all my greenhouses, this structure is heated and the humidity levels are closely monitored and adjusted when necessary. Some of the plants in this space include my cymbidium orchids, myrtle topiaries, fishtail palms, and a walking iris.

Here are some photos, enjoy.

October 20, 2021

Maintaining and Storing My Citrus

Our annual project of storing all the citrus and tropical plants for the winter is underway.

As many of you know, I have quite a large collection of warm-weather plants at my Bedford, New York farm, including citrus trees and a vast array of other tropical specimens. Because I live in a four-season region, during colder months, it’s vital these plants move indoors, where the temperature and humidity levels can be controlled. Fortunately, I am able to keep them in high-grade greenhouses, where they can continue to thrive. This week, my outdoor grounds crew and gardeners moved the citrus plants, repotted any that needed it, top-dressed the containers with a well-draining mix, and fed every single specimen.

Here are some photos, enjoy.

October 19, 2021

Celebrating My Birthday with Friends

I always enjoy eating out, especially when it is with dear friends celebrating special occasions.

Earlier last week, a group of friends and I gathered in New York City for my belated birthday dinner. As many of you know, my birthday is August 3rd, but it took quite awhile to find a day that fit all our busy schedules. We dined at the celebrated Le Bernardin restaurant, which is co-owned by my friend, Chef Eric Ripert. Le Bernardin is ranked among the best restaurants in the world. It received its four-star review from The New York Times only three months after opening in 1986 and is the only New York four-star restaurant that has maintained its status of excellence for more than three decades. It also holds the highest rating of three stars from The Michelin Guide. We had the most delicious meal. I was also gifted with an 18-foot dawn redwood tree which is now planted in a perfect location at my Bedford, New York farm.

Here are some photos, enjoy.