January 28, 2020

Visiting "The Huntress" in Pound Ridge, New York

I always enjoy visiting new and interesting shops whenever I can - it is not only fun to see what stores have to offer, but also very inspiring to learn about other businesses and their specialties.

I was excited to learn about a retail store not far from my Bedford, New York farm called "The Huntress." This quaint storefront is nestled in the historic Hamlet of Pound Ridge, about 50-miles from Manhattan. "The Huntress" is owned by New York-based interior designer, Jenny Wolf, and is filled with unusual and wonderful treasures found across the United States, in Europe, and beyond. I recently went to visit "The Huntress" and was delighted with all there was to see including home furnishings and accessories, table setting pieces, unique clothing, and personal spa items, and so much more - all tastefully styled and displayed. If you’re ever in or around Northern Westchester and love visiting charming shops, I encourage you to make a stop at "The Huntress."

Enjoy these photos.

January 27, 2020

Removing a Fallen Tree

There’s always so much to do on a working farm. Thankfully, with this season’s mild temperatures, we’re getting lots done around my Bedford, New York home.

Last week, my outdoor grounds crew and my longtime arborists at SavATree removed a large tulip tree from my pond - it had fallen during a storm earlier last year. Tulip trees, Liriodendron tulipifera, are fast-growing and can reach more than 150-feet tall. This task took several hours to complete - carefully cutting down sections of the tree and hauling them to the woodpile where they will stay until they are repurposed or put through the grinder to make mulch for the gardens.

Here are some photos, enjoy.


January 25, 2020

A January 2020 Snowfall

We’re expecting a day of rain here in the New York City area with temperatures rising into the upper 40s.

Although we’ve had a relatively mild winter so far, temperatures have been very erratic. In recent weeks, we’ve had both spring-like weather as well as days in the 20s. Last weekend, weather conditions were just right for us to get about four to six inches of moderately wet and heavy snow. The morning after, I ventured out to take some photos and to plow the four miles of carriage roads here at the farm. Using my trusted Polaris XP Ranger 1000 fitted with its adjustable snow plow, it took me about two-and-a-half hours to do, but I got the job done.

Enjoy these photos.

Below, enjoy some of the short videos we took as I plowed the roads around my farm with my Polaris XP Ranger 1000.