February 27, 2021

Baby Pigeons at My Farm

We have babies here at my Bedford, New York farm.

That's right, my flock of fancy pigeons is growing - there are about four baby pigeons now with more eggs waiting to hatch. I keep a small group of these beautiful birds - Homers, Tipplers, Tumblers, Owl pigeons, as well as one of the oldest breeds, the Syrian Damascene. They live in a pen adjacent to my peafowl yard and across from my stable. Pigeons have been domesticated for thousands of years and have been kept by people worldwide for their companionship, their sport, and their loyal service. Caring for these birds is a nice way to pay tribute to these fascinating and intelligent creatures.

Enjoy these photos.

February 26, 2021

The Camellias and other Tropicals in My Greenhouse

Here in Bedford, New York, temperatures are on the rise - mid 40s to low 50s are expected for at least the next several days. Spring weather is definitely on its way.

Yesterday, the weather was warm enough to open my tropical greenhouse for just a bit to let in some fresh air. This large hoop house is where I store most of my tropical plants over the winter months. The structure is heated and the humidity levels are closely monitored and adjusted when necessary. On my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48 a couple weeks ago, I shared photos of some of the camellia blooms that had flowered inside. Camellias are highly prized for their exquisite blooms, splendid evergreen foliage, and compact habit. These shrubs blossom prodigiously for weeks, showing off beautiful shades of white, cream, pink, and red.

Here are more images of these stunning plants and a look at what else is thriving in this greenhouse, enjoy.


February 25, 2021

My Blooming Begonias

I have long loved begonias and right now my large collection is blooming in the greenhouse with so many beautiful and delicate pink and white flowers.

Begonia is a genus in the family Begoniaceae. The genus contains at least 1500 different plant species and numerous hybrids. They are native to Mexico, Central and South America, Asia and South Africa - regions with tropical and subtropical climates. There are different types of begonias, including tuberous begonias, semperflorens begonias, rex begonias, and rhizomatous begonias. Rhizomatous begonias are grown for their interesting and spectacular leaves. They come in an array of sizes, colors and textures, and can be small or large, smooth or veiny, decorated in bold accents of red, copper and silver or subtle shades of green. While the plants can grow very large horizontally, they don’t reach great heights because they grow from the rhizomes, which creep along the soil, or just above it in twisted trunks.

Here are some photos.