May 27, 2017

Visiting My Flower Cutting Garden

So much is growing and blooming, especially in my flower garden.

My flower cutting garden, located between my main greenhouse and my equipment barn, is only a few years old, but I am so pleased with how it is developing. Every season, I add a number of flowering plants. My gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, carefully place and plant each specimen - taking into consideration mature plant size and growth habit. This year, we planted a lot more roses - both bushes and climbers. We also planted trays and trays of flowering cultivars that were nurtured from seed right here at the farm - all of them are thriving.

Many flowers have already opened - enjoy these photos and have a warm and memorable Memorial Day weekend.

May 26, 2017

Cleaning the Chicken Coops and Installing New Nesting Boxes

As many of you know, I’ve long enjoyed the pastime of raising chickens. I began raising chickens primarily for their delicious, fresh eggs, but over the years, I’ve also grown fond of caring for them, and learning about their many different breeds and varieties.

At my Bedford, New York farm, I currently have four coops that house more than one-hundred chickens in all. From the moment they arrive, I make sure they are housed properly, fed all the best, most nutritious foods, and have enough room to roam and range happily. Their coops are given a thorough cleaning once a week - fresh bedding, clean nests, etc. And recently, my outdoor grounds crew replaced all the nesting boxes with new ones from Hog Slat Inc., power washed every coop and installed new protective netting over the entire chicken yard. 

Here are some photos - enjoy.

May 25, 2017

Preparing for a Weekend at Skylands

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching.

For me, every Memorial Day weekend signals a significant change of seasons. It's traditionally the weekend I go to Skylands, my home in Maine. Every year, I make the special trip to plant the outdoor urns, pots and planters. It’s quite an undertaking, but I actually enjoy the time, especially with the group that accompanies me from year to year. Many of the tropical and exotic specimens are stored in a hoop house at my Bedford farm during winter, and then carefully loaded onto a trailer and delivered to Maine for the summer months. 

Yesterday, my gardeners and outdoor grounds crew worked hard to prepare everything for the trip - they harvested lots of delicious vegetables from the greenhouse and prepared the plants heading north for the season. Here are some photos - enjoy.