November 25, 2014

A Visit to Star Provisions in Atlanta

During my recent trip to Atlanta, I stopped by the wonderful gourmet market and store owned by my friend Anne Quatrano. Located in the city's Westside Provision District, Star Provisions is stocked with beautiful gifts and cookware, and the cafe offers baked goods, cheeses, seafood meats, and prepared foods. In addition to the market, Quatrano and her husband Clifford Harrison own four restaurants in Atlanta, including the nearby Bacchanalia. Every year, Quatrano and Harrison host a fabulous Thanksgiving meal at their farm outside Atlanta, called Summerland. Their unique and bountiful approach to Thanksgiving was featured in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living.


November 24, 2014

Transplanting an Agave

The other day we transplanted many of the agaves in the greenhouse. Agaves are succulent plants with thick fleshy leaves. Since they are native to the southern and western United States and tropical America, they are sensitive to the cold and cannot survive outdoors during the harsh Northeastern winters. The process of moving them indoors and repotting them takes place each autumn, usually starting in late October. We move the agaves from their outdoor locations on the various properties into the warm environment of the greenhouse, and we transplant the ones that have outgrown their pots and become root bound. Transplanting agaves is a relatively simple process, but since we have so many at my farm it can take a while to complete the job.

November 21, 2014

A Visit to The Home Depot in Atlanta

Last weekend I visited The Home Depot in Sandy Springs, in the Atlanta suburbs, to demonstrate our lovely Martha Stewart Living holiday collections. We held two separate events - one with the knowledgeable Home Depot Associates, and the other with members of the public. The weather was chilly, but we received a warm reception - both audiences were friendly and engaged. We demonstrated a number of projects for the upcoming holidays, including four using my collection of holiday products exclusively at The Home Depot. The public appearance was recorded and is available as a livestream. We had a great time in Atlanta, Georgia!