September 30, 2016

Harvesting the Season's Pumpkins

With fall in the air and Halloween just weeks away, it’s pumpkin picking time here at my farm!

I have a large pumpkin and winter squash patch that's planted in early June every year. My gardeners and I plant lots and lots of pumpkin seeds - many from our favorite seed companies, and some from interesting and tasty fruits I’ve enjoyed in years past. By late September and early October, they're ready to be harvested. Ryan and Wilmer were busy picking pumpkins this week ahead of some expected heavy rain.

Take a look at our bounty and enjoy these photos.

September 29, 2016

Edging the Carriage Roads at My Farm

Early fall is a great time to start on all those lawn maintenance chores.

Here at my farm, my outdoor grounds crew is busy edging all the interior roads, so they look crisp and clean - it's a task we do at least once a year. Edging the lawn can be done manually with a variety of spades, but depending on the size of the yard, it can become quite time-consuming. Rotary edgers, powered by gasoline or electricity, reduce the time it takes to complete the job - these machines feature a spinning blade that cuts through turf as the edger is pushed along the grass border. We edge the roads with a Little Wonder Power Edger. It works really well for creating that beautiful, smooth edge.

Here are some photos of our process.

September 28, 2016

A Wedding at My Home in Maine

It was a crisp, beautiful autumn day - just perfect for a wedding at my Maine home on Mount Desert Island.

Last weekend, my gardener at Skylands, Mike Harding, married his fiancee, Christina. Mike asked me some time ago if he could have the wedding at my house. Mike has worked with me for more than 13-years, so I was delighted with the idea.

He and Christina planned a small and intimate event with their immediate families and closest friends. They also planned to do all the arrangements and preparations themselves - everything from cooking the food to making the table centerpieces. It was quite an undertaking, but the results were nothing short of beautiful. Enjoy these photos.