December 3, 2007

horse shoes – what you may not know

People are always asking me about my horses. Well, they’re fabulous black Friesians that I call Ramon, Rutger, Rinze, Martyn, and Meindert. My Friesians are a draft/warmblood breed, bred in Canada by Harry Witteveen, The reason I chose such stately horses is because of my interest in driving carriages. These equines are built to pull, but their wide girth also makes for a comfortable and fun saddle ride through the many trails and preserves surrounding my Cantitoe Corners. The team is housed in a magnificent stone stables, which I designed and had constructed. My horses are loved and well cared for under the watchful eye of my stable manager, Betsy Perreten.

Betsy reported to me recently that the shoes of the Friesians were recently changed. You may not know this but a horse requires reshoeing every four to eight weeks! That’s because a hoof grows in length just like a fingernail or toenail does. And when the hoof grows, the shoe will no longer fit correctly. Betsy also told me that the new shoes are winter shoes. Right around Thanksgiving, she likes to fit the horses with special studded shoes that provide extra traction on snow and ice – kind of like a studded snow tire. That makes me feel better riding during winter. And the next time the horses get new shoes, I’ll show you just how it’s done! I promise to post pictures of ALL of my horses soon.

Martyn, looking nice and shiny!

Better traction in the snow