July 11, 2018

Caring for the Boxwoods at My Farm

Our summer gardening season is very busy - my outdoor grounds crew is working hard to keep everything looking its best, especially during these extremely hot, humid days of summer. 

As you know, I love boxwoods, Buxus, and have hundreds growing all over my Bedford, New York farm. Unfortunately, this last winter took a toll on a number of these precious shrubs. Despite covering all the boxwoods with burlap, some of these specimens became brown and discolored - a condition called "winter kill". Broad-leafed evergreens such as boxwoods, hollies and rhododendrons can often suffer this kind of damage because they have more exposed leaf area than evergreens with thin needles. Most of those with "winter kill" recovered very well in spring, while others needed heavy pruning, and in a couple cases, complete replacement.

Here are some photos - enjoy.