February 17, 2018

A Day at QVC

I’m having so much fun on QVC - not only do I get to show you all the wonderful products from my growing collections, but I get to demonstrate how each one works, and how it can make your day-to-day lives easier.

This week, I spent an entire day in West Chester, Pennsylvania, home of the QVC headquarters and studios. Our series of segments began at 12am ET and continued throughout the day until my last appearance at 11pm ET. My head gardener, Ryan McCallister, and I shared items from my Garden Collection - my Pressure Washer and Pressure Washer Concentrate, my Faux Bois Wicker Planters, my 16" Garden Tiller, my Hedge Shears, my Plant Fertilizer, my Edger and Trencher, and copies of my latest book, “Martha’s Flowers, A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering and Enjoying”. I also shared more items from my apparel line - tops, bottoms, jackets and sweaters - everything is doing so well, and I am so proud of all the work we've done to bring you these offerings.

I am looking forward to my next scheduled appearance on QVC - be sure to follow my Twitter page @MarthaStewart for details. Enjoy these photos.

February 16, 2018

Another Day in Oslo, Norway

There is so much to see in Norway - if you've never been to Scandinavia, I encourage you to make the trip!

After our brief visit to Svalbard, we returned to Oslo and filled our day with as much as possible - we enjoyed a lovely lunch with some friends, stopped in at many interesting and inspiring design and antique shops and toured a new and interesting lounge at Scandinavian Airlines.

Here are some of our photos - enjoy.

February 15, 2018

Snowmobiling in Svalbard

My trip to Svalbard would not have been complete without trying some of the Arctic's popular outdoor activities.

During my recent journey to Svalbard and Longyearbyen, our expedition group scheduled some time for snowmobiling. Everyone in Svalbard drives snowmobiles. When the Arctic landscape is covered by snow, riding snowmobiles becomes a way of life, and a wonderful opportunity to see the majestic nature and amazing sights.

Here are more photos from our trip.