November 21, 2014

A Visit to The Home Depot in Atlanta

Last weekend I visited The Home Depot in Sandy Springs, in the Atlanta suburbs, to demonstrate our lovely Martha Stewart Living holiday collections. We held two separate events - one with the knowledgeable Home Depot Associates, and the other with members of the public. The weather was chilly, but we received a warm reception - both audiences were friendly and engaged. We demonstrated a number of projects for the upcoming holidays, including four using my collection of holiday products exclusively at The Home Depot. The public appearance was recorded and is available as a livestream. We had a great time in Atlanta, Georgia!
November 20, 2014

The Splendor of the Maple Grove

Of all the trees that shed their leaves in autumn, the Japanese maples are among the last, which makes their colors stand out more vividly against the muted background.

During the planting of this Japanese maple grove last August, my dear sister Laura Plimpton passed away. Because she was especially fond of maples, I decided to name the grove in honor of her. It's called "The Laura Plimpton Japanese Maple Grove."

In a previous blog, I showed you all the steps involved in planting the grove. With these photos, you can see the trees in their full autumn splendor.  Most of them are still small. As the years go by and they grow larger, the display of colors will intensify and become even more beautiful. I know my sister would be pleased.


November 19, 2014

The Start of Fall Bulb Planting

My bulbs arrived over the past three weeks, and this week began the process of placing and planting spring blooming bulbs throughout the property. Many areas will receive fresh plantings that will bloom in the spring. Every year I order thousands to add to the garden - this year nearly 12,000 new bulbs of different varieties. They come from Van Engelen, which is based in Connecticut.

We started with the beautiful pin oak allee, running from the equipment shed to the boxwood allee. It's one of the main areas I see when I drive into my property. I've recently realized that aside from the pin oaks, I haven't planted anything that adds color to the area except a few crocus, many of which have been eaten by the squirrel population.

I love this process -I always find it exciting to plant bulb in the fall that you won't see for many months to come. When they are in bloom next spring, I will be sure to show you the photos.