April 29, 2017

The Launch of The Martha Stewart Wine Co.

I am so excited about the launch of The Martha Stewart Wine Co. - our newest business.

The Martha Stewart Wine Co. offers a collection of wines from some of the world’s finest wine-producing regions. The direct-to-consumer service features carefully curated bottles that are delivered straight to your home or office. It's a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite wines with friends and family. And, a special collection of my own personal favorites is included - they are the wines I reach for first whenever I entertain. 

This week, I hosted a launch party to celebrate The Martha Stewart Wine Co. It was held at our New York City headquarters. Many of our vintners attended, along with our partnering team at DRINKS.com. Everyone enjoyed getting together and sampling our wine offerings. Here are some photos. And, for more information, go to MarthaStewartWine.com by clicking on the highlighted link. 

April 28, 2017

Chicks Arrive at My Bedford Farm

We have a new flock of fluffy little chicks here at the farm.

As you know, I’ve been raising chickens for many years. Not only do I love keeping them for their fresh, delicious eggs, but I also appreciate their company and their beauty.

As part of good animal husbandry practices, and in order to maintain strong egg laying production, it’s important to regenerate the chicken population from time to time. Over the last couple of weeks, I received two batches of chicks from Traci Torres, the founder of My Pet Chicken. In total, I have 53-rare breed chicks to add to my flock. One group is about three-weeks old, and the other just over a week old, but they will all start laying eggs in about four or five months. For now, they’re nothing less than absolutely adorable. Enjoy these photos.

April 27, 2017

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy

If you’re planning to be in or around Hartford, Connecticut this summer, and want to see some of the most beautiful roses, I encourage you to visit the Elizabeth Park Conservancy.

Elizabeth Park is on the national register of historic places and offers more than 100-acres of formal gardens, green space, recreational facilities, and walking loops. The centerpiece of Elizabeth Park is the country’s oldest public rose garden. It was designed by Theodore Wirth in 1904. The Rose Garden is two-and-a-half acres with 475-beds and more than 15-thousand rose bushes and arches.

Earlier this week, I asked my gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, to attend Elizabeth Park’s pruning workshop to sharpen their pruning skills and to learn some valuable tips from master rosarian, Stephen Scanniello. I learned about the workshop a couple of weeks ago, when I delivered the keynote speech for The Elizabeth Park Conservancy 2017 Garden Lecture Series. My talk was entitled "Two Very Different Gardens: A Mountain Landscape and a Rural Farm”. I spoke about restoring my Bedford farm, about the work I did to Skylands to preserve its historic detail, and about the gardens at both properties. I also conducted a book signing for "Vegetables: Inspired Recipes and Tips for Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying the Freshest Seasonal Flavors" and briefly toured the Rose Garden with Stephen. 

Enjoy these photos from my talk and visit, and from the pruning workshop attended by Ryan and Wilmer.