September 27, 2007

Digging In

Tending a garden, and simply relaxing in one, can be beneficial for both the body and the mind. That’s why I'm so pleased that our company is helping to develop the community garden across from the new Center for Living. It just makes sense to beautify a parcel of land that will be used -- and maintained -- not only by the center’s visitors but also by the neighborhood residents.

Helming the project are two Martha Stewart Living editors, Andrew Beckman and Tony Bielaczyc. To help carry out their efforts, the company has organized volunteer gardening days for our employees, and several green-thumbed neighbors are also very involved. The garden officially opened in September, so Andrew, Tony, and the volunteers were busy all summer. Due to the poor soil quality of the area -- it was once home to a basketball court -- some trees failed to root and had to be replaced, but the garden has come a long way from the pockmarked lawn it was a year ago. Still on the agenda is a fall bulb planting of hundreds of daffodils, and we’ll also include some fragrant flowers, by special request from the neighbors.