September 7, 2007

Hamptons Hangout: La Fondita

As usual this summer, I spent several weekends at my house, Lily Pond, in East Hampton. On nearly every visit, friends and I stopped for lunch at La Fondita, an unassuming taqueria with excellent Mexican food. There is counter service inside, but we usually staked out a spot at one of the picnic tables by the gardens. My favorite drink is the watermelon agua fresca (literally, "fresh water"), lightly sweetened and very refreshing. As for food, I worked my way around the menu: One day I had the lengua (tongue) tacos; another, the nachos supremo with chorizo. I've also ordered the delicious ensalada fondita, a chopped salad of romaine, tomato, jicama, radish, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, and tortilla chips. I'll probably stop by soon for one last taco before La Fondita shutters up for the season at the end of October.