November 14, 2007

George Bridge and My New Boxwoods

George Bridge is the owner of a most beautiful and unusual 20-acre nursery called Acorn Farm located in Laytonsville, MD.  George specializes in collecting rare, vintage, and mature landscape plant material, including shrubs, hedges, fruit and ornamental trees, and even woody vines.  And like any good antique dealer, he must search in earnest for his specimens.  George works with a network of finders who alert him when old plants become available for digging in places like demolition and building sites.  But, he also spends a good deal of time driving from state to state searching and knocking on doors to see if a property owner might sell their ancient tree, shrub, or hedge to him.  As you can imagine, George and his crew are experts at digging, moving, and nurturing these very large finds back at Acorn Farm.  You might also imagine that such old and rare plants are quite costly.  George sells to discerning clients who want gorgeous, mature plantings without having to wait for them to grow. You can visit his website at .

Here’s George Bridge standing with a boxwood delivery.  These boxwood are about 75 years old and are 10 feet tall.  This full tractor load of 10 enormous shrubs is just one delivery in what will ultimately be an enclosed boxwood room measuring 120 feet by 60 feet.  I can’t wait!!!


Photo By Eliad Laskin