November 29, 2007

Martha's Blog People

Laura Plimpton                 Eliad Laskin

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Let’s face it.  I do have a very busy schedule and you may be wondering how I have the time to write my daily postings on my blog.  Thankfully, I am not alone in that department because my executive assistant and wonderful photographer, Eliad Laskin, and my sister, Laura Plimpton are standing by as my editors.  Eliad is extremely talented in all aspects of Web related processes and knows my extensive photo archives intimately – he actually scanned and organized most of them.  Laura has worked in many aspects of my business, from the early catering days to the cooking seminars.

She went on to write my nationally syndicated radio show, Ask Martha, for many years and has done numerous other projects for my company.  I can’t think of anyone better who can capture my voice as I report to her.  I hope you will all log in and enjoy!