December 13, 2007

25th Anniversary show behind the scenes!

We recently taped a really fun show that will air on television tomorrow, Friday.  The event was to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of my very first book called Entertaining.  I can’t believe that twenty-five years have sped by since I held the very first edition in my hands.  But, I feel better when I think that since then, we’ve published nearly fifty other amazing books, not to mention producing all the other aspects that comprise Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

When we began planning this show, we thought you might all like to see those who worked so tirelessly in helping to get Entertaining published, both in the actual food preparation and presentation, as well as those who were so vital in getting the concept into print.  So, twenty-five years later, we invited all the key players to appear on the television show.  It was a warm and wonderful reunion, and it was so nice to hear what everyone has been up to since then.  Here are some behind the scenes photos taken that day.  I hope you tune in tomorrow!

My sister and my blogger, Laura Plimpton, visiting the hair and makeup room and also amusing makeup artist, Deb Genova.  Laura was invited not only to blog, but because she also worked on Entertaining.


This is Liesl Menning, my executive assistant at television.  She is one who helps to keep my crazy schedule in check.


Here’s where Laura sat.  Isn’t the place setting lovely? 


Here’s Joey Kola, my warm-up artist, reviewing the show script.  Doesn’t he look dapper in a suit and tie?


This is a camera/teleprompter with television staff standing by.


Here’s the back of the head of Eddie, one of our cameramen.  He is focusing in on one of the delicious desserts featured that day


Tom Tamborello  is making sure that all is in correct position, along with Greta Anthony.  Vinnetta Scrivo is retouching my makeup.


This is some of my wardrobe room.


Here is my desk at television.  I was honored to receive the award in the background last September.  It is the Benjamin Franklin award for Distinguished Service.


This is where Eva Scrivo performs her makeup magic before each show.


This is the test kitchen managed by Nikki Elkins, our wonderful food producer.  Here’s a shot of the immaculate space with TV chef, Nora Singley and a kitchen intern.


Here I am at the end of the show answering questions from the audience.  Joey Meade, our fabulous stage manager is looking on.


An inside view of the control room with Fran and Kevin discussing something.  It all seems so complicated to me.


Another super technical space – the audio room


I feel more comfortable here in the art support space.  Look at those hanging icicles!


When it all gets too much for me, I like to practice yoga between shows, or I will get on my rowing machine and visualize that I’m oaring through some gorgeous stretch of water somewhere far away.


Here are some of the Emmys that we received from previous shows.