December 25, 2007

Holiday Party photos!

Happy Holidays to all!
As promised, here are some pictures from the holiday party I recently had at my house. This party was for friends and staff members who work at my farm and home in Bedford, NY.

A perfect Ham (It is the new Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart Favorite Holiday Ham that is available at Costco Wholesale warehouses nationwide!)

Stollen Bread from Balthazar's

Gardeners Jodi and Erika are finding something very very amusing

What would a holiday party be without potato Latkes?

Alfredo seems very proud displaying the oysters that he has helped to prepared

Eliad, my assistant seems to really be a jack of all trades! He was able to play most of the Carols by ear!

Chhiring (head forman) Rob Ford (My electrician) and Slavo (My head carpenter)

(From Right to Left) Kim, Erika, Sanu, and Jodi strike a pose

Carols are belted out while Eliad plays on...
Betsy my stable manager has a sample of my eggnog

(From Right to Left) Wilmer, Irma, and Fernando appear to be having a very good time!