December 20, 2007

More of My Daughter's Creations!

Alexis is back by popular demand!!!  Warm greetings to her fans, Kathy, Darryl, Finbar, Margie, Veggie Girl, Carol, Claudine, Catherine, Jan, JC, Trish, Hardboiledegg, Steve & Brenda, Kelly, Andrew, Grandmajo, Jamie, Miriam, Carla and Susy!!!  I, too, love seeing these photos of Alexis’s creations.  She really understands how to put something together from start to finish.  She makes me very proud. Remember to visit for more!

The Following is from Alexis Stewart's Blog:
Today is Kevin Sharkey's bday!!  he always gets mildly screwed cause of the date's proximity to xmas...
I got him a giant, xtra fancy decorating book and some of every candy and cookie i made for the holidays (no measly sample box for him!):

and even the delivery packaging has to be nice:

dropped off the doorman gifts at the same time (one day kevin might allow me to live in his building, although I might get to be on a higher floor!)

inside is caramel almond popcorn (using salted peanuts instead) -- here it is cooling and just out of the oven:

you can find the recipe here.

addressed the whole thing to the super to make sure no one "accidentally" takes the wrong bag (or two):

thumbprint made with a batch of white peach pate de fruits that didn't gel

beginning of the chestnut cream filled cookies:

and all the candy! ugh! up all night packing it:
coconut marshmallows in the making (the recipes can be found on my nov 28th blog):

making the peanut butter cups (I altered the recipe by tempering the chocolate...)

looks like a mess here with the peppermint patties, but they turned out really well

packing up:

there is also some almond toffee by the marshmallows

jpacking up the pate de fruits (still only halfway done):

almost done (although half of the stuff is in the other room)

btw -- a great and really cheap "ribbon" to use is seam binding -- it comes in great colors -- i used it on all the small rectangular boxes  you can get it here.