January 30, 2008

Meet my Friend, Jim Klinko, at Furniture on Consignment!


This past weekend, I dropped in to
see my friend, Jim Klinko. Jim runs a
business in Westport,CT called Furniture on Consignment. www.fine2consign.com We first met when he opened his original
store in 1993 around the corner from my home on Turkey Hill. Jim works hard to see that his inventory
turns over quickly and I made a point of stopping in frequently because I never
knew what treasures I’d find there. But
Jim also has a keen sense of what my interests are and never fails to call me
when he finds something he thinks I may like. Over the years he has been a wonderful resource providing many props for
television and magazine shoots. In fact,
several years ago, we even taped a television episode with Jim in his

Jim and I standing in front of some antique doors that he recently found

Jim has also been very helpful in
selling objects for me. Selling on
consignment means an item’s owner splits the profits from the sale with the
consignment shop at a ratio of 60-40 between seller and shop. And despite the division of profits, it’s a
popular way of selling unwanted furniture and other household goods since Jim
and his staff make it seem effortless.

The store is full of all types of furniture, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, dishware.

Jim sells mirrors, prints, and many kinds of rugs.

Everywhere one looks there is clutter, but don't worry, Jim knows exactly where everything is.

Jim keeps a bulletin board with many photos. Here we are at a party ten years ago.

Jim likes to work out. He used this body building competition photo for an ad in a local newspaper. It brought in lots of business, as you can imagine!