February 25, 2008

Kate’s Balancing Act!


Kate Shillo is one of my executive assistants.  She works mostly at my Bedford property.  As you can imagine, it gets pretty complicated doing everything that I do every day and Kate works hard to make sure that things run very smoothly at my home.  When asked recently how she stays so organized, she replied, “It’s a balancing act that takes serious and aggressive planning.”

Her organizing skills were sharpened several years ago when her mother was planning the family’s new home.  Kate would help her pore through design and architecture magazines looking for inspiration.  If a page caught their eye, they tore it out for future reference.  At the same time, Kate was clipping her own pages for a future dream house of her own and soon ended up with a hefty stack.  But she was also doing the same thing for fashion, gift, and food ideas as well as for the wedding she hopes to have one day.  She saw that things were getting cluttered and out of hand, so she bought herself some binders and clear plastic sleeves.  Now Kate has a reference book for each subject that she can easily flip through to find those perfect ideas.

Kate showing her books, hoping to inspire others to do the same.  Vivaldi looks on with great interest.

A really simple way of clearing up clutter and organizing inspirational ideas.  I was happy to see that many of Kate’s pages were taken from my magazines!