February 26, 2008

Winter scenes from a rare snowfall

A frog doorstop in the snow - he does not look happy

This is what the farm looked like at 8 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 22._o7j3137

The wrapped boxwood shrubs look like big mounds.

The old corn crib covered in snow

All the fences looked wonderful with their four-inches of sticky snow.

A bluebird house is very quiet right now in a snowy climate.

A spruce looking beautiful covered in snow

An American beech is still holding its leaves!

The woodpile covered in snow - oops! - no dry firewood for the weekend!

The woodland stream is gradually filling with late winter rains and snows.

Another view of the beautiful gurgling stream

A ball ornament  on a stone wall covered in a topknot of snow

Paw Paw up to his belly in snow - it's hard to induce him to come
inside when he's walking through the snow - he loves it and the cold!

Finally blue skies emerged on Sunday after a very gray week - everything looked shimmering! _o7j3283

The house looked pristine with its snowy roofs and wrapped boxwoods mounded with white snow. _o7j3286

I love the shadows cast by the antique white spruce fencing on the brilliant snow.


From left to right - Rufus, Billie, and Clive making thier way delicately - they don't like deep snow._o7j3295

In the same order - hanging out right next to their run-in shed.
They refused to come to me because that would have required making a
new path through the crunchy snow.


A view of the stable and stable yard from up by the donkey pasture _o7j3306

The peony beds - perfectly outlined by the mounds of snow - what a great sight in the bright sunlight! _o7j3309

More exquisite shadows!

The corn crib and old apple tree and deep shadows at 9 AM on Sunday were breathtaking.


Georgica Pond from the air (East Hampton)