February 20, 2008

Meet Kevin Sharkey and look at his office!

After receiving a degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Kevin became an assistant to Albert Hadley of Paris Hadley & Associates, a venerable New York City interior design firm.  When Kevin came to work for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia twelve years ago, he started out as a department assistant.  Kevin worked like crazy and it wasn’t long before his keen sense of style really started to shine and promotions followed.  Today, Kevin is Executive Editorial Director of Decorating, Creative Director of Merchandising, as well as a Senior VP of the company.  And I just love visiting his colorful office at Starrett!

Here’s Kevin sitting at his faux bois painted desk.

Kevin loves books and has an amazing collection – books about furniture, floral arrangements, fashion, photography, architecture, decorative arts, etc.  He has them displayed this way because he remembers each book by its color and also, so he can just grab an appropriate stack when styling for a photo shoot.

On this wall, Kevin displays his collection of Blanc de Chine statues – beautiful Chinese porcelain.  This is a collection in progress and we had fun hunting for pieces in markets on our last trip to China.

Here’s a cute picture of us hanging on his wall!