February 12, 2008

My Water Garden

If anything can help to cheer the winter doldrums, it’s visiting the greenhouse and brushing up against the tickling leaves of this lovely water garden. These plants are very happy growing in this long iron trough located in the pass-through between the greenhouse and the potting room. For balance, there are actually two matching troughs on either side of the pass-through. Papyrus is the tall specimen with the fine, hair-like leaves. The leaves of umbrella sedge are a bit wider. The plant with the elephant ear-shaped leaves is called colocasia. And water hyacinth has a flat, round leaf with a bulbous base. The plants are actually growing in black plastic pots, which are submerged in the water. Gravel is mounded around each pot to help keep them upright. Jodi tells me that the plants drink up about an inch of water each week, so it’s important to keep replenishing


Even the surface of the water is covered with these whimsical, tiny aquatic leaves.