March 19, 2008

Early signs of spring at the farm!

For any of you who experience the cold season of winter, you know what it’s like to anxiously await warmer temperatures, particularly, if you love gardening as much as I do.  It’s been rather bleak in my part of the North East but, with the arrival of spring just one day away, I can definitely say that spring is emerging at the farm.  These photos were taken yesterday just to prove that point.  I’ll show you more photos of how things progress in a couple of weeks.  I think you will be amazed!!

Look at these adorable miniature crocuses poking through the grass!

Even Sharkey stops to appreciate this sign of spring.

The donkeys are happy for warmer days.

Until very bold Sharkey starts to menace them.  She actually believes she’s a herding dog.

Pretty Eranthis hyemalis have emerged.

These shoots have been covered with a layer of leaves.  It won’t be long before they turn green.

A family of blue birds was observing as my grounds keepers cleared away the fallen leaves.  This blue bird swooped down for a prize – an earthworm.

This is my cutting garden all nicely cleaned.  The chickens in the background seem to have had a very good winter.  They’re still laying like crazy.

This is a row of Lilium looking very healthy.

Here is a row of tulips – I can’t wait for vases filled with them.

This is a new section of the chicken coop, which will provide lots of shade for the chickens in the summertime.  I just love these new roosts, which Alfredo made from trees cut in the woods.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I showed you photos of the burlap being wrapped and now it’s coming off!  It will be neatly rolled up and stored for reuse next autumn.

Oh, what pretty snowdrops.

And look at Vivaldi admiring them too!

These lovely blue blossoms are scilla.

I love seeing things bloom in unexpected places.  I have many spring bulbs planted in grassy areas.  These are next to a stone entranceway.

Look at the colors and energy of this spring bulb!  I can’t wait to see the flower it makes.

And lastly, this is my vegetable garden.  After a good cleaning, the area has been covered with a layer of rich compost and I’ll tell you more about that in a future blog.