March 17, 2008

Fun photos of my pets!

I get so many requests from viewers and readers who want to see more pictures of my pets.  Well, I recently had so much fun taking pictures of Sharkey and Francesca hard at play.  They have amazing energy levels and when they feel like running – watch out!  Paw Paw just shakes his head and moseys along.  And thank you for everyone’s concern regarding Paw Paw and his renal condition.  After Dr. Marty’s latest treatment, my lovely chow chow seems so much happier.  I’m sure he’ll be even more comfortable with the onset of warmer weather, which helps his joints to move better.  There is even a photo of a surprise dogg, as well!

Francesca and
Sharkey are really playing at fighting.  They can look so menacing.

Pets sometimes look
like creatures from another world - Francesca looks like a strange otherworldly

 Sharkey is an
amazingly fast runner - she can easily outrun Francesca.

Quite tired,
Francesca calmed down after awhile.

But, Sharkey
continues to fly through the air!

Paw Paw ambles
around the girls, allowing them to frolic while he just observes.

Sharkey does not
quite like the snow, even when bundled up in her red coat.

As you can see,
Francesca is much more at home in the snow.

 I could not resist
taking lots of portraits of the girls this day.

 I put the girls on
one of the kitchen counters and shot away.

 Francesca likes to
pose a bit more than Sharkey does.

 Doesn't she look a
lot like Yoda??

I love her looking
up at me - both Francesca and Sharkey receive special liver treats for posing.

Sharkey is patiently
waiting for her treat.

"Please, let me in! I want a treat!"

Nap time for Sharkey

Enjoying a comfy place on top the hay in a planterDsc01409

I just couldn't leave out Paw Paw!

The Dogg (that's how he spells it!) I hung out with the other day backstage at Letterman, my pal Snoop.