April 18, 2008

Another Bahamas adventure: Goldie's, the king of conchs

As you can imagine, seeking out really good local cuisine is an
integral part of our TV field trips. I just love venturing off the
beaten path and really enjoyed our little excursion to Arawak Cay, a
quaint village known to locals as "The Fish Fry."  Conch, the
gastropod mollusk that lives in a large, brightly colored shell, is the
national dish of the Bahamas. Although there are several stands that
serve conch prepared in various and wonderful ways, we were told to
find Goldie's, aka the king of conchs, owned by Richie Evans. According
to a popular local myth, eating conch will put lead in your pencil.
Well, I can appreciate that because the conch salad we were served that
day was out of this world. And watching it being prepared by "Big Dog"
was as much fun as eating it.

We stopped for lunch at Goldie's -- a conch stand in Arawak.

This is really a hat that Kevin had made for Alexis, but I loved it and had to try it on.


This is the street in Arawak where Goldie's is located.

This is the conch house owned by Richie Evans -- one of those terrific must-stop-and-eat places.

Here I am with Richie Evans, the owner of Goldie's.

Step-by-step -- the recipe in photos -- this is the version served up by Big Dog Adrian.

Big Dog Adrian is the fastest chopper -- he makes a mean salad.

Big Dog's hat

Adrian washes the ingredients for his salads thoroughly.

One green bell pepper, seeded and chopped.

One white onion, chopped.

Five red tomatoes, seeded and chopped.

Two green tomatoes, seeded and chopped.

The conch shells are very beautiful.

The washed conch is all ready to be chopped.

You have to see Big Dog chop to believe it -- even the rigid, muscular conch gives way under his expert knife.


Big Dog adds finely chopped scotch bonnet pepper -- very hot -- and incorporates everything with his hands.

Once plated, the salads are topped with fresh lime and orange juice and just a bit of salt.

We also enjoyed fresh coconuts - we drank the juice right out of the shell with a straw