April 2, 2008

Celebrating our Ten-Year-Plus Employees

On Monday night, my CEO, Susan Lyne and I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a special dinner celebrating our ten-year-plus employees.  When we first started planning this event, I really didn’t know just how many people fit into that category.  I have to say that I was surprised and quite pleased to learn that there are as many as 72 who have been working with me all these years!  Once we determined how many guests would be invited, Susan and I had to find just the right location to hold this gathering.  We looked at a few different places, and we were very impressed with the private dining room in Daniel Boulud’s newest restaurant called ‘Bar Boulud’, located in Manhattan, right across from Lincoln Center.  (1900 Broadway at 63rd St.)   It’s sort of a modern kind of bistro wine bar that serves casual food.

Once we were all settled in, anyone who wanted to could share their favorite memories of working in the company.  I have to say, the entire room was laughing jovially as these stories were told.  With over 700 employees working today, it was so much fun to reminisce about the early days when we were really a bare-bones operation exploring uncharted territories.  Things became quiet when dinner was served.  We were treated to platters of exceptional charcuterie and a lovely arugula salad topped with fried artichokes.  The dinner entrèe was oven roasted arctic char with braised fennel in an olive oil-herb broth, followed by a most tasty custard cake with brandied cherries.  Once the plates were cleared, I asked the guests to stand and introduce themselves, tell the year they started, and the positions they have held in the company.  It was fascinating to listen to and spending a casual evening with this amazingly talented ‘core’ group of individuals was so special to me.  I really appreciate each and every one of them.

The entrance to Bar Boulud.

Many interesting curios against the wall.


My niece, Sophie and my sister, Laura.

Heidi DeLuca, Business Manager and Peggy Knox, Skylands staff member.

A delicious cheese hors d'oeuvres.

Judy Morris and Page Norman Marchese.

Eric Pike, Creative Director and myself.

Beef tartare

A rather cozy private room.

Funny Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Weddings.

Passing photos around - here I am way back when.

Another photo of me with Mickey Rourke.

Here I am with Fernando Ferrari - Long Time MSLO Employee.

Design Director James Dunlinson being funny


A platter of charcuterie served with condiments and mustard.

Elizabeth Canady, Group Associate Publisher/West Coast.

Eva Scrivo, my glamorous makeup artist.

A salad of arugula, olives, fennel, tomato, radishes, and fried artichokes.

Dora Cardinale - EVP, Print Production

Lily Mei, my long-time housekeeper.

Laura Normandin - Crafts/Deputy Editor.

Oven roasted arctic char and braised fennel in an olive oil-herb broth.