May 14, 2008

Alexis Stewart

Alexis Stewart's Blog

Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart, is
Martha's original apprentice. Although Alexis has had an insider's view
of Martha's ventures, she was also encouraged to explore her own dreams
and ideas. Since the mid-1990s, Alexis has started several businesses,
both in the Hamptons and New York City, to which she has brought her
love of quality, cleanliness, and simplicity. In addition to being an
avid reader, animal lover, and environmental advocate, Alexis has been
a radio devotee and an information seeker all her life. She hopes that
she and Jennifer can bring light and humor to some of the daily issues
we all face. She's also eager to share practical advice with listeners
and comfort them with the knowledge that we are all struggling toward a
simpler, happier and more fulfilling life.