May 16, 2008

Building a shelter for my new cattle

I thought it would be fun to show you some better photos of the miniature Herefords now that they’ve been settling in for the past week.  They seem to be very content grazing in this grassy paddock.  They especially enjoy munching on all the dandelions.  They eat the plant right down to the root.  Since it’s beginning to get warmer outdoors, we wanted to give the cute couple some shelter from the sun, (and also the rain) so we had this little rustic shade shack erected.

Here’s the crew hard at work.

The shack was made using 4 upright posts.  Bales of straw, which they prefer not to eat, were wired securely together to form thick walls.

This is the male with horns turned down – he looks a bit pensive.

This is the female with horns turned up – what a sweet face.

The shade shack is finished but the Herefords don’t seem too interested yet.

I think they’ll be happy once they find it. 

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