May 23, 2008

Lily pond -- getting ready for the summer season

Last week, after the television shoot in Sag Harbor and after visiting the antique shops I stopped at my home in East Hampton on Lily Pond Lane. I was there just a few weeks earlier and I was amazed how much greener the yard is and how things have grown since then.  In June, when the roses are blooming, these gardens are really spectacular. Here’s a preview.

This pretty orange fern is a Dryopteris 'brilliance'.

This tall fern is unfurling rapidly

After several years, this fern makes a lovely ground cover.

A fading tulip growing next to Athyrium 'Japanese Painted Fern'.

Two cement bulldogs guard the entrance to the cottage behind the main house.

This is the front yard at Lily Pond. In a few weeks, the front porch will be covered with fragrant old-fashioned roses. The giant urn has been covered all winter for protection -- I haven't decided yet what to plant in it.

This mockingbird seems to enjoy perching on this antique iron garden bench under a
rose arbor.

This walk-through of arches is also covered with roses -- the buds are swelling.

This is back of lily pond; the cushions for the garden furniture are still in storage.

Pink tulips mingle with tall ostrich ferns.

Wicker porch furniture under cover.

This is Alex who tends to the gardens and the property.

More ferns unfurling in the sun.

A view of the pool.

This is the shade garden on the far side of the house.

This is my little nymph birdbath. The vine behind it is climbing hydrangea.