May 12, 2008

White Asparagus Update!

I thought it would be fun to show you the final results of the asparagus experiment down in the vegetable
patch.  You may remember that the gardeners were curious to see if they could force new asparagus shoots to remain white.  Plants produce chlorophyll when exposed to sunlight, which is how they get their color.  White asparagus traditionally grow within mounds of soil, receiving no light at all.  Jodi, Erika, and George placed some lovely earthenware, antique cloches filled with soil around several plants and hoped for the best.  Alas, the first try wasn’t successful because they forgot about the cloches – busy with other gardening, I presume – and the stalks grew right out of the mounded soil sporting a lovely shade of green. Jodi was determined and tried again – this time with the results she was hoping for.  I suppose next year, after a bit more research, we could actually mound an entire row of asparagus and grow them white in the traditional manner.  Maybe not a bad idea since I do love the sweet flavor of white asparagus!

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