June 23, 2008

Emeril and I had fun on the radio and appear on the cover of Everyday Food!

I have always admired Emeril Lagasse and have enjoyed our friendship throughout the years.  Now that my company has purchased his company, Emeril and I have been having some really fun times together.  Recently, he made his debut appearance on ‘At Martha’s Table’ at Sirius Radio.  Martha Stewart Living has a 24/7 channel 112 on Sirius, which we program with a wonderful array of illuminating and amusing talk about, what else, LIVING!  Be sure to look for the new July/August issue of Everyday Food – our digest-sized food magazine.  It has Emeril and me on the cover and more of his delicious recipes inside. Emeril is also a guest contributor on the Dinner Tonight with the Editors of Everyday Food blog.

Here we are on the cover of Everyday Food.



Here's Emeril looking very dapper before the broadcast.

In the audience were Wenda Millard - our new company CEO, Sandy Gluck - editor of Everyday Food, and
Deb Puchalla - editor in chief of Everyday Food.

Here I am at the table with Emeril - In front of us is great food made from Emeril's recipes.

So delicious - pulled pork, Cajun chicken, shrimp remoulade, etc, etc, etc...

Here's a close up of the pulled pork buns - tangy and tasty.

And a closer look of the shrimp and the chicken.