July 4, 2008

Cat's cradle for dahlias

Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers because they begin to bloom with great, colorful profusion just when other plants are sadly past their prime.  Dahlias are delightful as cut flowers and they continue to bloom right up until the first frost.    There are several thousand named varieties with flowers ranging from small to giant dinner plate size!  One thing for sure, dahlias need plenty of support in order to stay upright.  Here’s how we do it in the cutting garden – it kind of looks like a big game of Cat’s Cradle.

Bamboo stakes are placed evenly around the bed of dahlias and garden twine is wrapped around the stakes.

Once the perimeter of the bed is done, George then wraps the twine diagonally across the stakes.

This shows how the dahlia is free to grow up and through the string supports.

To provide even more support as the dahlias grow in height, George wraps the bamboo with a second tier of twine.

The finished project – Cat’s Cradle for dahlias!