July 8, 2008

Teucrium Pruning in My Herb Garden

When I designed the stone terrace on the backside of my Bedford home, it was important for me to incorporate a formal herb garden.  Within this garden, we’ve planted thyme, chives, purple basil, purple sage, rosemary, parsley, oregano, golden sage, and artemesia.  As a border, we’ve planted an edging of teucrium.  Commonly called germander, teucrium is an evergreen shrub, which grows much like boxwood.  A very hardy plant, it thrives in heat and grows nicely in poor rocky soils.  And, as you can see in these photos, versatile teucrium lends itself beautifully into more formal garden designs, such as this one.

Bushy teucrium – before pruning - surrounding a bed of curly leafed parsley

As you can see, it has a very compact growing habit.

Here’s Jodi in action.

She uses these long-bladed pruners, especially designed for shrubs like boxwood and teucrium.

In case you’re wondering about Jodi’s hat, it’s made by O’Neill.  Jodi loves to surf and found it in a surf shop.

Here’s the teucrium neatly pruned, forming an even hedge.  The clippings go right into the compost pile.

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