August 28, 2008

Behind the scenes at the "Today" show and beautiful cappuccino!

This past Wednesday on the "Today" show, I demonstrated a number of recipes from the September issue of my Everyday Food magazine. As usual, this digest-sized publication is chock-full of easy, healthy, and really wonderful recipes. After the show, I had a craving for a cappuccino, so we stopped by Bottega del Vino at 7 East 59th Street in New York City. Sammy Lin is a barista who works there and he is also quite an amazing artist. Come and see what I mean.


This colorful presentation is herb-crusted salmon –- the crust adheres
to the salmon because of a thin layer of Dijon mustard.
It's served with a spinach salad.

This is a bowl of Cuban black-bean stew with rice –- protein-rich and
vegetarian. On the orange plate is a juicy glazed pork chop with
smashed potatoes and stewed green beans

All of these recipes are part of this month's Grocery Bag, a feature in the magazine that provides a shopping list and time-saving strategies to help get dinner on the table in no-time. To see more speedy recipe ideas from the Everyday Food editors, visit their blog, Dinner Tonight.

Barista artist Sammy Lin and me.

Sammy begins his creation by carefully spooning foamy milk.

He's inspired by the pattern the foam makes.

With a steady hand, Sammy uses a wooden skewer to create images.

Unbelievably detailed and quite gorgeous! Almost too beautiful to drink, however, the cappuccino is unbelievably delicious! 

Sammy at work behind a stack of clean cups.

The front of Bottega del Vino.

The cafe's "shingle."

And here is the link to the video from the show!