August 25, 2008

Lightning strikes Lily Pond

Recently, I showed you photos of a white pine that was struck by lightning at my farm in Bedford. Well, a couple of weeks ago, a very frightening thunder and lightning storm settled over the Hamptons, out on Long Island, New York, lasting nearly two hours. There was much flooding and widespread damage, and wouldn't you know it –- my home on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton suffered a blow from a powerful bolt of lightning.

In addition to structural damage, the electronic driveway gate was burned out, the sprinkler system control panel was fried along with my stereo system, and the burglar/fire alarm and cable/internet were also struck. Thank goodness for a comprehensive home insurance policy. And I'm just so grateful that the house didn't catch on fire, which would have caused much more major damage and heartbreak.

The powerful lightning struck the peak of my house, causing considerable damage.

Another view showing the damage. The strike was so powerful it tore the shingles right down to the beams!

Pieces of the house were scattered about; this is a section of the fascia board.

More debris.

My rather costly stereo was destroyed!