August 8, 2008

Paddock mowing with my John Deere

I’d like to introduce you to Dominick Arena, who first started working at the farm as a security guard right after I purchased the property, and he actually has some family history associated with this place.  I bought the land and the buildings from the family of Mrs. Ruth Sharp.  Interestingly, Dominick’s mother had a laundry business and Mrs. Sharp was one of her clients.  Dominick’s father drove a milk truck and delivered milk to Mrs. Sharp.  And, Dominick’s uncle was Mrs. Sharp’s driver.  After I moved in and started accumulating some rather major pieces of farm equipment, Dominick’s mechanical skills were put to good use.  He now handles all of the equipment maintenance on the property and also mows the paddocks beautifully every week throughout the growing season.  In his time off, Dominick is a member of our local volunteer fire department and he also enjoys his 40 acres in the Adirondack Mountains in NY State.  Each spring, he taps the sugar maples on his land and makes delicious maple syrup.  Perhaps we’ll blog that next spring.

Here’s Dominick posing for the camera beside my John Deere 6410 tractor.

Dominick making a pass over the field.  He explained that he mows in a
different direction each week so that the paddocks never become rutted.


This is a hammer knife mower, which does a great job of cutting and mulching.

A lengthy list of cautionary reminders.

A view from inside Dominick’s air conditioned cab.

heater and air conditioner controls

Many different controls and levers.  Caution #1 – Read Operator’s Manual before operating this tractor!

More pedals than most people are use to.

I really love the red key.

There’s even a satellite radio – I wonder if Dominick listens to The
Martha Stewart Living Radio channel 112 on Sirius?  And what’s with the
tape deck?  Is this tractor really that old?

Some engine parts looking good.

This is Lhakpa driving my John Deere 5410, hauling grass clippings he collected with the push mower to the compost heap.

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