September 12, 2008

Another Mexican tour: Martha visits an ancient Mayan city

A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the fabulous ancient Mayan ruins. We had the great pleasure of touring Ek Balam, which means black jaguar. This city was at its height from about 600 – 900 A.C., when the Mayans suddenly abandoned the site and mysteriously vanished. Because the surrounding jungle is so dense and invasive, it wasn’t long before all the structures were engulfed and seemingly, disappeared. These Mayan pyramids, like so many others, were discovered when archaeologists began poking around odd hills and mounds in the jungles. With careful excavation, the amazing buildings and fabulous artifacts were unearthed after being buried for hundreds of years. Come with me and visit Ek Balam.