November 6, 2008

A mustache contest in Iraq

Not too long ago, I shared a letter with you from my driver, Rock, who is serving our country as a Marine in Iraq. I just received a new email from him and I would like to share this one with you, too. I am so relieved that he is safe and that his return is approaching. I am also glad that these troops are finding humor in a difficult situation.

Hi Martha,

Here are some pictures of Camp Korean Village, Iraq. It is getting a little cold here. Last year, the base received three-inches of snow! As for entertainment, we are having a "mustache" competition. Marines buy into the competition with ten dollars and there are a number of stipulations. I know I will not win because I look extremely weird with a mustache. I might shave it of tomorrow, so there goes my ten dollars! At least I lasted for seven days!

I look forward to going home everyday and leaving this place forever. There is no place like New York City. Hope all is well.

Take Care,

Rock Pereira.


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