November 4, 2008

Come say hi to my cute canaries

I’ve been raising canaries for a number of years and I just love their beautiful singing.  Because I keep them in quite a large cage that can accommodate many birds, their numbers do increase as new hatchlings mature.   To keep things under control in my cage, I give birds away from time to time, so that others may also enjoy them.  However, it’s very hard to distinguish the singing males from the rather silent females, and I found myself with a cage full of quiet, female canaries.

I recently acquired, what I hope to be, a new population of males.  Before placing them in their new home, they required a bit of grooming.  It’s important to clip canary nails about twice a year.  They do grow, making it difficult for the birds to sit comfortably on a perch.  When clipping, be sure to work with extreme caution.  Only clip the very ends of the nails – the dead part, which will avoid damaging the vein that runs inside the quick of the nails – the living part.  Come and see how it’s done.

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