November 25, 2008

Turkeys, turkeys everywhere! Feast your eyes! And Turkey 101

UPDATE: This is the perfect way to cook your Turkey. Visit Turkey 101!

Turkeys are true symbols of Thanksgiving and they seem to be everywhere. I have a sizable collection of glass turkey candy jars, which make great decorations and I sometimes use them for serving soup, instead of soup bowls. Some of these glass turkeys are pressed glass manufactured in the early 1900’s and others are beautiful reproductions.

Outdoors, we’ve been seeing plenty of wild turkeys, as their population seems to be increasing. I find it amusing how they wander about, pecking for food here and there. And then, there are also my own Bourbon Red heritage turkeys, which I’ve been raising for a few years. Come and see how beautiful they are. And don't forget to look at some more wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving Decor HERE!

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