December 14, 2008

The brooks and streams at my house turn into rivers!

Here in the Northeast last Thursday, the weather reports were rather dire, calling for heavy rains, perhaps turning to ice.  Just before the holidays, we’d much prefer hearing of a nice snowfall, instead.  Well, they were right about the rain – it came down fast and furiously – four-inches or more!  Fortunately, in this area, things didn’t get too icy.  However, further north, people didn’t fare as well.  Many, many thousands are still without power after experiencing a true ice storm and my heart goes out to them.

At my farm in Bedford, NY, there are a few rivulets that are, for the most part, tame and gently flowing.  On Friday morning, it was so interesting to see them as little raging brooks.  I thought I’d share some photos taken that morning of how they looked.  And my sister, Laura, sent me some pictures of her backyard.  She lives on what is usually a quiet and gurgling, flowing river in nearby Connecticut.  But, when rain falls that intensely, things can get pretty exciting and you experience, first-hand, the awesome force of nature.

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