December 24, 2008

Two blogs today! My holiday greeting cards and a peek at my staff making glitter birds

I was passing through the craft department at the Starrett Lehigh building the other day.  It’s always fun to stop and see what magic they’re creating and on that afternoon, glitter was flying!  They were working on a holiday gift for the staff of the company that manufactures the products for the Martha Stewart craft lines, (EK Success)  which are available at Michael’s and at Wal-Mart.  The craft department thought it would be fun to present them with a special tree decorated with glitter birds and they were happy to show how they do it.  With so many wonderful colors of glitter to choose from, you’ll see that it’s rather easy to have amazing results.


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Woodland Holiday birds from the Martha Stewart Everyday KMart collection.

A ‘Greener” Approach to Holiday Greeting Cards!
I love the idea of giving and receiving holiday greeting cards.  However, recently, I’ve been focused on using fewer resources and this year, I decided to go a bit ‘green’ by sending a holiday postcard instead of a traditional folding card enclosed in an envelope.  Because my mailing list is so large, this idea has actually saved a lot of time and has certainly cut down on the amount of paper that was used in the past. Please have a look at my line of Kodak Martha Stewart products HERE.


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Here's Christine holding a stack of my latest Christmas cards.