December 2, 2008

Yesterday's show bloopers: Come see me splatter my drink on Adrien Brody and burn my sticky buns!

On my television show yesterday, things were going really, really well. I described my exciting evening the night before. I had attended a lovely cocktail party at Tiffany’s and was so happy to speak to designer Paloma Picasso, for whom I had catered a party many years ago. I then traveled uptown to Rao’s Italian restaurant, where I met my dinner pals, Emeril, Charles Koppelman – our chairman, Terry Lundgren – CEO of Macys, and Jim Cramer – host of Mad Money. We shared many opinions about the current financial situation and it was very interesting and uplifting at how positive these men are.

Well anyway, my first guest on the show was the very charming and talented actor, Adrien Brody. You may recall his academy award winning performance in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist and he is now promoting his latest film, Cadillac Records - also terrific. My second guest was Seth Greenberg, a wonderful New York baker and entrepreneur who came to share his most fabulous recipe for sticky buns – I just LOVE sticky buns and his are a sensation! I think there was bad karma or something floating in the air because I just can’t explain what went wrong. Take a look.

Spilling My Drink!

Sticky Buns Up In Smoke!