January 12, 2009

Day two in Abaco, not so great fishing, but really great food

On day two of my visit, we went deep-sea fishing for grouper and albacore.  Captain Sandy, a friend and neighbor and a real Abaconian took us in his boat.  Grouper is a stout-bodied fish with a large mouth and can be quite big and long.  Albacore is a real prized catch and is a type of tuna.  Both make for really good eating.  Our hopes were high, but on that day, only one grouper was reeled in.

Good thing I had a hankering for arroz con pollo and I was happy to prepare it that evening.  Arroz con pollo is kind of a simplified paella made with rice, chicken, tomatoes, green peppers, seasonings, and sometimes saffron.  As a little twist, I added some shredded cabbage to the mix and it was really great.  Sautéed plantains (related to the banana) and roasted pineapple slices were yummy for dessert.


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On the second day, we went deep sea fishing. Captain sandy, a neighbor and a real Bahamian, took us in his boat. The weather was pretty perfect.