January 4, 2009

My daughter Alexis walks the tightrope!

This past holiday season, my daughter, Alexis and I decided to spend some “down” time at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. We were hoping to exercise a lot and of course, be pampered. We were also looking forward to long hikes in the beautiful desert.

At Miraval, there are several challenges, which guests can participate in. There is an area on the edge of the desert, behind the spa, which contains the challenge course, including the Desert Tightrope, Out on a Limb, The Giant’s Ladder, The Climbing Wall, and the Quantum Leap. On the first day, Alexis chose to try the tightrope. So did three others - all men. I must say, Alexis is very daring. She is also the co-host of the "Whatever" show on Sirius radio 112 as well as the co-host of "Whatever Martha!" on the Fine Living Network.

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