February 18, 2009

Signing books at the fabulous Georgia Aquarium

This past Tuesday, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for what turned out to be, one very busy day.  Most of my time in Atlanta was spent at the fabulous Georgia Aquarium, which happens to be the largest aquarium in the world.  Its doors were opened to the public in 2005 after being built with a $250 million gift from The Home Depot founder, Bernie Marcus.  This stunning aquarium is home to roughly 80,000 animals from more than 500 different species.  But more about the actual aquarium in another blog.

My first order of business was to be interviewed by a few different Atlanta news people and I rather enjoy these interviews.  Immediately following, was yet another book signing, and I must say, another huge success.   People were able to purchase Martha Stewart Cookies and Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.  The line was enormous and I signed nearly 800 books!  Please have a look at these photos and visit again, tomorrow for another installment from the Georgia Aquarium.

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