February 9, 2009

The Big Move at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

You may remember me telling you that in New York City, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia occupies two separate spaces.  The original offices are located in midtown Manhattan at 42nd Street.  On the west side of Manhattan in the Chelsea District, we also work out of the Starrett Lehigh building.  We started talking, quite some time ago, about consolidating all of our editorial creative forces together under one roof so that all of these amazingly talented people will have a new environment working off of each others’ positive energies.  Because of its size, Starrett was the logical choice and moving day, or more accurately stated, moving days are upon us.

We started by relocating departments at Starrett Lehigh.  When employees packed up to shift to new workstations, there was an element of surprise at how much they had accumulated over the years.  The general feeling is that a good clean out every now and then is a positive thing.  Now it’s time to pack up at 42nd Street and make the move downtown.  The 42nd Street offices will remain the corporate headquarters.  We’ll still keep our shuttle van for traveling between buildings and to make it easier for commuters to get to and from their trains or buses.  Plus, we’ve also begun offering a concession for healthy and tasty soups, salads, sandwiches, and other entrees for those working at Starrett Lehigh.
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