March 12, 2009

The Bedford Post Inn and Richard Gere

Last August, I blogged about the Bedford Post Inn, owned by Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell, and partner Russell Hernandez.  Located just down the road from my farm, I have enjoyed many a meal at the Bedford Post, prepared in the kitchens of Chef Brian Lewis.  As reported previously, the buildings and the surrounding fourteen acres were a total wreck, having been abandoned for several years.  Richard and Carey took note of the property and began dreaming of what has become a fantastic reality.  Today, the Bedford Post boasts a wonderful brasserie-café, a more formal restaurant, an eight-room inn, and a lofty yoga studio.  My television crew and I paid a visit recently and had a lovely visit with Richard and Carey and all the people who work there.  Please have a look at these behind-the-scenes photos.

Apologies! This image gallery is no longer available.